Web Designing & S.E.O Fundamentals Course:

Embark on a journey of mastery with our Advanced Web Design and SEO Fundamentals course, a pinnacle in professional development. Immerse yourself in a curriculum meticulously crafted to propel your expertise in contemporary web design and SEO essentials. Led by industry luminaries, this transformative program offers a nuanced understanding of responsive design, user-centric interfaces, and advanced SEO techniques. Gain a competitive edge as you navigate the intricacies of web development, harnessing the power to optimize digital landscapes effectively. Elevate your career prospects and influence with a comprehensive skill set that resonates with the demands of the modern digital era. The future of web excellence awaits your command.

tutors in the Web designing class at Proline Film Academy
students in the Web designing class at Proline Film Academy

Unveiling Mastery in Web Design

Enrich your professional journey by enrolling in our distinguished Advanced Web Design course. Our program transcends conventional boundaries, offering an in-depth exploration of advanced database management, PHP, CodeIgniter, and intricate content management systems.
Elevate your expertise to unparalleled heights as you delve into the development intricacies of school management systems, refining your skills for the demands of a dynamic professional landscape.
With a focus on practical applications, our curriculum ensures you emerge not only as a web designer but as a seasoned professional adept at crafting sophisticated digital solutions. Join us, and empower yourself for a future defined by excellence and innovation. Your pathway to mastery begins here.

Crafting Digital Brilliance

Embark on a transformative educational journey with our Advanced Web Design and SEO Fundamental course, meticulously crafted for both novices and seasoned designers. Whether immersing yourself in WordPress, jQuery, CSS, or HTML, our comprehensive curriculum is designed to enable the creation and publication of compelling content. Explore a diverse range of creative career paths, from UX/UI design to internet marketing and graphic design. Uncover the strategic intricacies of responsive web design, ensuring optimal readability across an array of devices. Elevate your proficiency by mastering the foundational aspects of web code, translating your design concepts into reality through meticulous application of HTML and CSS. Enrich your skill set further with advanced interactivity using JavaScript and contemporary front-end development techniques, positioning you as a skilled architect of sophisticated web experiences.

Web designing course at Proline Film Academy

In the dynamic landscape of today's digital era, enrolling in our Advanced Web Designing and SEO Fundamental Course is a strategic choice for aspiring youth. Our comprehensive program transcends conventional boundaries, offering a robust curriculum that combines cutting-edge web design principles with essential SEO fundamentals. As the online realm becomes increasingly competitive, acquiring a skill set that encompasses both design aesthetics and search engine optimization is imperative for professional success.
Our course goes beyond theoretical concepts, focusing on practical applications to ensure that students not only learn but also develop the ability to implement their knowledge effectively. From mastering advanced web coding languages to exploring the intricacies of responsive design, our curriculum is designed to equip students with the skills demanded by the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Why Enroll in PFA's Web Designing Course:

Holistic Learning Approach:
Our program adopts a holistic approach, covering a spectrum of skills from web development to SEO strategies, preparing students for diverse roles in the digital industry.

Practical Application:
We prioritize hands-on experience, allowing students to translate theoretical knowledge into real-world scenarios. This emphasis on practical application is aligned with our commitment to the slogan: "Learn Something & Do Something."

Industry-Relevant Skills:
In a rapidly changing industry, staying ahead is crucial. Our course not only keeps pace with industry trends but anticipates them, ensuring that students graduate with skills that are relevant and in high demand.

Professional Development:
Beyond technical skills, we nurture a professional mindset. Students are encouraged to approach challenges with creativity, critical thinking, and an understanding of the broader business context.

Career Opportunities:
Graduates of our program are well-positioned for a range of career opportunities, including web design, development, SEO consulting, and digital marketing. Our alumni consistently contribute to the success of leading organizations.

Slogan Integration:
At the heart of our approach is the ethos embodied in our slogan: "Learn Something & Do Something." We believe in empowering our students not just with knowledge but with the ability to apply that knowledge purposefully. By enrolling in our Advanced Web Designing and SEO Fundamental Course, students are not merely spectators in the learning process; they are active participants, ready to make a tangible impact in the digital world.
In conclusion, our program is a gateway to a future where learning is synonymous with action, where knowledge is a catalyst for innovation, and where each student is poised to make a meaningful contribution to the digital landscape. Enroll today and embark on a transformative journey towards professional excellence.

Position yourself at the forefront of the digital landscape by enrolling in our prestigious Advanced Web Designing and SEO Fundamental Course. Tailored for ambitious youth aspiring to carve a distinguished career, this program seamlessly blends cutting-edge web design principles with essential SEO fundamentals. What sets our course apart is the strategic collaboration with Proline Studios, our esteemed Professional Commercial Studio.

Symbiosis with Proline Studios:
Experience a seamless integration of theoretical knowledge and practical application through our collaboration with Proline Studios. As the hub where industry jobs converge, Proline Studios channels actual projects to our students, providing a unique opportunity to engage in real-world assignments and build an exemplary professional portfolio.

Why Proline Studios?

Real Projects, Real Experience:
Engage in hands-on projects that mirror the complexities of the industry, gaining invaluable real-world experience.

Mentorship from Industry Experts:
Benefit from mentorship by seasoned professionals at Proline Studios, ensuring exposure to industry insights and best practices.

Portfolio Building:
As you contribute to projects for Proline Studios, you'll not only gain practical experience but also craft a compelling portfolio that showcases your expertise and sets you apart in the competitive landscape.

In Conclusion:
Enroll in our Advanced Web Designing and SEO Fundamental Course to embark on a transformative journey toward professional excellence. With the unique collaboration with Proline Studios, you're not just learning; you're actively participating in shaping the future of digital innovation. Your pathway to a distinguished career, enriched with hands-on experience and a robust portfolio, begins here. Seize the opportunity to excel in the ever-evolving digital realm.

Why Choose Us

In the contemporary landscape, a proficient web designer seamlessly integrates clear and concise design skills with a robust foundation in web technology. At Proline Film Academy, our courses are meticulously designed to impart the essential skills required to craft visually compelling websites and applications. We focus on equipping students with the expertise to create aesthetically pleasing digital experiences that transcend both desktop and mobile platforms. Elevate your proficiency in web design with our comprehensive curriculum.

  • Student Success

    At Proline Film Academy, we redefine student success, transcending traditional education. Dedicated to your journey, our commitment extends beyond the program, ensuring your seamless transition into a thriving professional career post-graduation. Our alumni boast achievements such as securing grants and prestigious festival selections, reflecting the caliber of our program. Moreover, we go beyond project support, actively fostering your professional growth by cultivating industry connections and facilitating valuable job opportunities. Join us for an educational experience that propels you beyond conventional boundaries.

  • Mastering the Fusion:

    In our program, students master the full spectrum of database management systems, gaining expertise in handling and optimizing data. Complementing this, we delve into the intricacies of web application development, ensuring a comprehensive skill set. This combination empowers students to design, implement, and manage robust databases seamlessly integrated into dynamic web applications. The curriculum guarantees a full package of knowledge, providing the essential foundation for a successful career in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Join us to cultivate expertise that spans both database management systems and web app development, positioning you as a versatile professional in the digital realm.

  • JavaScript Mastery:

    Elevate your web design expertise and career prospects by mastering JavaScript, the indispensable scripting language for client-side programming. In our course at Proline Film Academy (PFA), delve into real-world applications, from writing JavaScript in browsers to code editors. Witness its practical implementation in a store checkout page, manipulating forms, error-checking input, and displaying shipping calculations. Uncover the versatility of JavaScript in time and date functions, crafting features such as clocks. Additionally, explore interactive content integration through APIs like Bing Maps. Join PFA to harness the power of JavaScript, enhancing your proficiency and unlocking new dimensions in web design.

Graduation for the web designing students at Proline Film Academy

Cultivating Change:

In our Advanced Web Design course, we empower aspiring individuals to evolve from youth to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs into catalysts for positive change. As you advance your skills, you not only enhance your professional life but also discover your purpose, contributing to the reduction of unemployment among the youth. Join us on a transformative journey that goes beyond education, fostering the skills and mindset needed for meaningful impact in the evolving professional landscape.

  • Excellence Beyond Borders:

    At Proline Film Academy, our Advanced Web Design course surpasses industry norms, adhering to global benchmarks for mastery of cutting-edge techniques. Our meticulously crafted curriculum aligns with international standards, ensuring graduates possess skills coveted in the competitive job market. Emphasizing real-world projects, industry collaboration, and mentorship, we sharpen technical prowess and cultivate a strategic mindset, making our students highly sought-after. Enroll to not just meet but exceed global standards, positioning yourself for success in a dynamic job market. Your journey at PFA is a transformative leap towards a globally recognized and rewarding career in Advanced Web Design.

  • Pixel Perfection:

    In our Advanced Web Design course, mastery extends to Photoshop, a pivotal tool for professional production. Learn to harness the full potential of Photoshop as it seamlessly integrates with web design, enabling you to craft visually stunning and compelling digital experiences. From image optimization to graphic manipulation, our curriculum ensures you acquire the skills demanded by the industry. Uncover the secrets of this indispensable software, mastering techniques that elevate your design aesthetics to world-class standards.Join us to not just learn Photoshop but to wield it as a creative powerhouse, enhancing your proficiency and setting the stage for a successful career in Advanced Web Design.

  • Mastering Design Alchemy:

    At Proline Film Academy, our course delves into the intricate realm of design patterns, serving as the nexus of interaction design, visual design, and technology. Addressing the heightened complexity of web applications, our PFA tutors navigate through robust patterns and paradigms essential for optimal usability. We explore common web and software application patterns, demonstrating practical applications and efficient utilization in product creation. Beyond recognizing familiar patterns, our course unveils new approaches and contexts, making each revisit a valuable exercise. Additionally, we delve into key design principles, encompassing core interactions like navigation and tables. Join us for an immersive exploration into the strategic artistry of design patterns, refining your expertise at Proline Film Academy

  • Typography Mastery:

    Enhance your design workflow through an immersive exploration of advanced typography in our course. Witness PFA tutors guide a web design project from inception to completion, offering valuable insights and techniques. From wireframing to the final mockup, you'll follow a meticulous step-by-step process, honing your skills in ideal sequences and industry best practices. Our focus on advanced typography empowers web and graphic designers to elevate their capabilities, fostering increased productivity and unleashing newfound creativity. Join us to delve into the artistry of typography, transforming your design approach and positioning yourself as a dynamic professional in the competitive field of web design.

01. About Our Advanced Web Designing & S.E.O Fundamental Course: Inside the COURSE CONTENTS


For Creative Enthusiasts:
Unleash your creativity and passion for visual communication through our Advanced Web Design course. Tailored for creatives seeking advanced training in web design, this program is a gateway to mastering the intricacies of digital aesthetics and functionality.

Graphic Designers' Personalized Pathway:
For graphic designers aspiring to forge their online presence, our course offers a specialized focus on designing and developing personalized websites. Elevate your skills and transform your vision into a captivating digital reality.

Empowering Marketing and Communication Professionals:
Navigate the intersection of creativity and workflow efficiency. This course provides marketing and communication professionals with a unique opportunity to gain profound insights into the creative process, enhancing their strategic capabilities.

Entrepreneurs' Digital Autonomy:
Entrepreneurs, seize control of your online presence. This course empowers you to autonomously create a corporate website while also honing your skills in designing impactful web graphics for communication strategies, including web banners and email flyers.

Comprehensive Skill Set:
Our transformative course ensures participants from diverse backgrounds acquire a comprehensive skill set. From advanced web design techniques to personalized website development, this program is crafted to meet the evolving demands of the digital landscape.

Join the Journey of Excellence:
Embark on an immersive learning journey where expertise converges with creativity. Whether you are a creative enthusiast, graphic designer, marketing professional, or entrepreneur, our Advanced Web Design course is the catalyst for refining your skills and thriving in the dynamic realm of digital design.

Innovating Excellence:

At our academy, innovation is at the forefront of our Advanced Web Design course. We integrate cutting-edge technologies and industry trends to ensure our curriculum remains ahead of the curve. Our students benefit from hands-on experiences with the latest tools and methodologies, fostering a dynamic learning environment. The academy's commitment to innovation extends beyond theory, providing real-world projects that challenge and inspire creativity. Our instructors, industry leaders themselves, continuously update the curriculum to reflect the ever-evolving landscape of web design. Join us for a transformative experience where innovation meets education, propelling our students to the forefront of the digital design industry.

WordPress Mastery Unleashed:

Enroll in our course for an immersive journey into mastering WordPress, the industry-standard content management system. Gain a profound understanding of WordPress architecture, customization, and plugin integration. Through detailed lessons, delve into theme development, SEO optimization, and e-commerce functionalities. Our hands-on approach ensures you acquire practical skills in creating and managing robust, responsive websites. Explore advanced features, security protocols, and troubleshooting techniques, elevating your expertise to a professional level. Join us to unlock the full potential of WordPress, positioning yourself as a proficient web designer with unparalleled knowledge in this versatile platform

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

In our professional classrooms, our mission unfolds as we inspire the next generation of creative professionals in the realm of Advanced Web Design. Fusing education and industry seamlessly, our creative environment fosters excellence through exceptional teaching and immersive hands-on experiences. Led by inspiring role models, our classrooms are designed to bridge the gap between theoretical learning and practical application. Here, students embark on a transformative journey, gaining real-world insights that transcend traditional education. Join us in an environment where creativity thrives, and students emerge as proficient professionals, well-equipped for success in the dynamic field of Advanced Web Design.

jQuery Mastery:

At our academy, students master jQuery seamlessly within our Advanced Web Design course, unlocking the potential for dynamic and interactive web experiences. This essential skill not only enhances creativity but aligns perfectly with the demands of the job market. By fusing jQuery expertise with our comprehensive curriculum, students gain a competitive edge, making them sought-after professionals in the rapidly evolving field of web design. Our commitment to practical learning ensures students can seamlessly apply jQuery techniques to real-world projects, providing valuable experience for a successful transition into the workforce. Join us to elevate your proficiency in jQuery, bridging the gap between education and industry needs, and positioning yourself for success in the dynamic job market.

Semester One:

  • Module 1: Introduction to HTML and CSS
    - Explore the fundamentals of web development, mastering HTML for content structure and CSS for visual styling.
  • Module 2: Responsive Web Design
    - Delve into the intricacies of responsive design, ensuring your creations are optimized for diverse devices and screen sizes.
  • Module 3: Introduction to SEO
    - Establish a foundational understanding of SEO principles, setting the stage for effective online visibility.
  • Introduction to Dreamweaver Interface design principles.
  • Advanced Compositing web Pages with Photoshop CC.
  • Search Engine Fundamentals.
  • Working with advanced typography in Adobe Dreamweaver CC
  • Building Advanced Web Sites from Photoshop CC & Dreamweaver CC
  • Photoshop Techniques For Web Designers
  • Photoshop for Entrepreneurs Web Design Mockups
  • Advanced CSS - Styling Navigation
  • Foundations of Layout and Composition Marketing Collateral
  • Design the Web Sprite Sheets
  • Optimizing images for the Web in Photoshop
  • How and where to submit your site to local website directories
  • How to submit site to google and other search engines
  • Web Site Planning and Wireframing
  • Convert Static Websites from HTML to PHP
  • Dreamweaver CC Responsive Design with Bootstrap
  • Search Engine Optimization

Semester Two:

  • Module 4: JavaScript Essentials
    - Unleash the power of JavaScript for interactive and dynamic web experiences, covering essential concepts and applications.
  • Module 5: Advanced CSS Techniques
    - Elevate your styling skills with advanced CSS techniques, including animations, transitions, and layout strategies.
  • Module 6: Introduction to Database Management
    - Initiate your journey into the world of database management, understanding the core principles and applications.
  • SEO Link Building in Depth
  • CSS Fundamentals
  • Responsive Web Design Mobile First Approach with HTML5 & CSS3
  • Migrating from Flash to Edge Animate
  • Starting a Home Web Design Business
  • Responsive Web Design in the Browser
  • Advanced web Design with pure CSS Animations (No javascript!)
  • User Experience Fundamentals for Web Designers
  • Easy PHP Projects Single Serving Sites
  • Introduction to E-commerce Web Site Using Dreamweaver with PHP
  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • SEO for Ecommerce
  • The Business of Web Designing and How to Grow your Ecommerce Web Design Business
  • Adding Content From HTML and WordPress
  • Introduction to Photoshop CC Smart Objects
  • Build An eCommerce Website From Scratch With PHP & Bootstrap
  • jQuery Essential Training
  • Bootstrap Essential Training
  • Creating Secure PHP Websites

Semester Three:

  • Module 7: PHP and CodeIgniter Framework
    - Dive into server-side scripting with PHP and explore the CodeIgniter framework for efficient web application development.
  • Module 8: Advanced Database Management
    - Master the intricacies of database management, with a focus on MySQL and its integration into web applications.
  • Module 9: SEO Strategies and Analytics
    - Deepen your SEO expertise, covering advanced strategies, analytics tools, and effective optimization techniques.
  • Introduction to Adobe Edge Animate CC
  • Installing and Understanding Apache, MySQL, and PHP
  • Advanced ways of using Object Oriented PHP
  • Advanced Login and Registration System in PHP and MYSQL
  • Foundations of Programming - Discrete Mathematics
  • Building a Social Network in PHP & MySQL
  • SEO for Local Visibility
  • WordPress Plugins SEO
  • Designing GUI Kits for Mobile & Web Apps
  • Introduction to Clean PHP URLs on Apache Server
  • Database Fundamentals storage
  • HTML & CSS Building a Dashboard
  • Intergrating PHP with Database
  • Cyber security for IT Professionals
  • Introduction to IP Addressing
  • Learning Network Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to Successful Wordpress Sites
  • Installing and Running WordPress Desktop Server
  • Dreamweaver and WordPress Building Sites
  • Building a WordPress Theme Framework with Bootstrap


  • Adobe Dreamweaver CC.
  • CodeIgniter.
  • Brackets.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC.
  • Mysqli Database
  • Adobe Edge Animate CC
  • Wordpress


Welcome to a career-transforming journey at Proline Film Academy's Advanced Web Designing & SEO Fundamental Course. Our program is meticulously crafted to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic and competitive landscape of web design and SEO. Let's explore the promising career avenues that await you upon completion.:

1. Web Designer:
As a web designer, you'll craft visually appealing and user-friendly websites, utilizing your proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and responsive design principles. Our program ensures you have a strong foundation, allowing you to conceptualize and create websites that meet modern design standards.

2. Front-End Developer:
Dive into the realm of front-end development, where you'll bring designs to life by implementing interactive and dynamic elements. With expertise in JavaScript, CSS frameworks, and responsive design, you'll play a pivotal role in shaping the user experience on websites and applications.

3. SEO Specialist:
Become a master of search engine optimization, leveraging your in-depth understanding of SEO strategies, analytics, and effective optimization techniques. As an SEO specialist, you'll enhance online visibility, drive organic traffic, and contribute to the overall digital marketing strategy.

4. UX/UI Designer:
Specialize in user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design, creating seamless and intuitive digital experiences. Through our curriculum, you'll develop a keen understanding of user-centered design principles, enhancing your ability to design interfaces that captivate and engage users.

5. Digital Marketing Professional:
With a solid foundation in SEO and web design, you'll be well-positioned to embark on a career in digital marketing. Develop and implement effective online marketing strategies, leveraging your skills to enhance brand visibility and drive targeted traffic.

6. Entrepreneurial Ventures:
Equip yourself with the skills to create and manage your corporate website. As an entrepreneur, you'll have the autonomy to design compelling web graphics for communication, such as web banners and email flyers, contributing to your brand's online presence.

7. Continuous Learning and Career Growth:
The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and our program instills a mindset of continuous learning. Stay abreast of industry trends, technologies, and emerging tools, positioning yourself for career growth and advancement.

Enroll in Proline Film Academy's Advanced Web Designing & SEO Fundamental Course to not only gain a qualification but to embark on a fulfilling and dynamic career journey. Whether you aspire to be a web designer, developer, SEO specialist, or digital marketing professional, our program equips you with the versatile skill set needed to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Your future in the world of web design and SEO excellence begins here.