The Benefits of Getting a PFA Scholarship

In the contemporary landscape of higher education, acquiring a sound education has evolved into one of the most essential and costly pursuits. For many high school graduates aspiring to embark on the journey toward their dream careers, financial assistance becomes a paramount consideration, particularly given the prolonged duration of education required.

In addressing this crucial need, Proline Film Academy's Girl Child Scholarship Program stands out as a highly sought-after form of financial aid. Distinguished from educational loans, scholarships offered by Proline Film Academy do not necessitate repayment, rendering them an exceptionally desirable avenue for financial support.

The merit-based nature of these scholarships ensures that deserving individuals are recognized and rewarded for their academic excellence. By granting scholarships, Proline Film Academy not only bestows prestige upon the recipients but also significantly contributes to financing their educational pursuits.

Beyond the tangible financial support, a scholarship from PFA carries a multitude of benefits. It serves as a commendable form of recognition and encouragement for students to pursue advanced studies. The focus of PFA scholarships, particularly in support of the girl child, underscores the Academy's commitment to fostering academic excellence and empowering the next generation of professionals.

In essence, PFA scholarships provide a valuable form of financial assistance that diminishes the reliance on loans, allowing aspiring individuals to pursue higher education without the burden of accumulating debt. This approach aligns with Proline Film Academy's dedication to creating opportunities for academic advancement and professional growth, particularly for deserving female students in the realm of filmmaking.


At Proline Film Academy, our commitment to nurturing talent extends beyond the boundaries of financial constraints. Annually, Proline Film Academy allocates over UGX 25,000,000/= in scholarships, benefiting five promising young women.
This scholarship initiative serves as a gateway for individuals from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to embark on a transformative journey, developing expertise as Directors, Writers, Producers, Photographers, Cinematographers, and other pivotal roles within the realm of major motion picture production.

Our scholarship program is not merely a financial support system; it is a catalyst for empowerment. By providing this unique opportunity, Proline Film Academy aims to bridge socio-economic gaps, fostering an inclusive environment where aspiring female filmmakers can flourish and contribute to the dynamic landscape of the film industry.
Discover the transformative power of education and seize the chance to study at the forefront of artistic excellence with Proline Film Academy's Girl Child Scholarship Program.

Scholarships are a crucial part of Proline Film Academy's future. Establishing a scholarship does not just support our students, but also the collage itself. As a growing and evolving institution, we need to maintain an extremely selective admissions process. Having the highest caliber artists attend PFA ensures an atmosphere conducive to learning experiences of the richest quality.
Scholarships that support the girl child with distinctive artistic promise, but who may not otherwise be able to attend due to financial circumstances, enables us to attract and retain the best artists.

  • Build a Professional Network
  • Give wings to your dreams
  • Diverse Environment for Learning
  • Infuse Self Pride & Honour
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Proline Film Academy's Girl Child Funding Scheme is a multifaceted initiative driven by a comprehensive set of objectives aimed at addressing critical facets of higher education accessibility in Uganda. Our commitment to promoting educational equity and supporting highly qualified individuals, especially those facing financial impediments, is underpinned by the following robust principles:

Fostering Equitable Access Across Uganda:
The foremost objective is to strategically contribute to the enhancement of equitable access to higher education throughout Uganda. In recognizing the transformative power of education, our scheme is geared towards dismantling systemic barriers, ensuring that talented and deserving female students, regardless of their socio-economic background or geographical location, can seize the opportunity to pursue advanced studies at Proline Film Academy.

Empowering Highly Qualified Students with Financial Constraints:
At the core of our initiative is a commitment to identifying and supporting exceptionally qualified students who encounter financial barriers in their pursuit of higher education. By doing so, we aim not only to alleviate immediate financial burdens but also to nurture the intellectual capital and potential that resides within these individuals. This aspect of the scheme is a testament to our dedication to fostering academic excellence and ensuring that financial constraints do not impede the aspirations of deserving female scholars.

Promoting Regional Balance and Inclusivity:
The funding scheme is strategically designed to contribute to regional balance in the provision of higher education services. By addressing regional disparities, we endeavor to create a more inclusive educational landscape. Our aim is to extend opportunities to talented female students from diverse geographical regions, fostering a holistic and geographically representative student body that contributes to the enrichment of our academic community.

In synthesizing these robust objectives, Proline Film Academy's Girl Child Funding Scheme stands as a comprehensive and proactive initiative. It not only addresses immediate financial challenges but also strives to create a lasting impact on the educational landscape of Uganda, ensuring that talented female students are not only granted access to higher education but are also empowered to excel and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields of study.

Founded with a vision to amplify the significant contributions of women in the realm of cinema, Women in Motion has evolved into a preferred platform for reshaping perspectives and combating gender inequality within the cultural and artistic spheres. Since its inception in 2016, this program has expanded its influence at Proline Film Academy by offering financial support to women with a passion for the creative arts, aiming to bridge the unemployment gap among the girl child in Uganda.

In recognizing that filmmaking in Uganda is an act of resistance, the endeavor extends beyond mere storytelling. It involves the exploration of global narratives, expressing unique perspectives, documenting collective memory, and, most importantly, acknowledging the potent role of cinema in development. Proline Film Academy stands as an embodiment of this philosophy, established to elevate the standard of film education for students aspiring to contribute to the industry. Whether pursuing roles as directors, writers, photographers, producers, cinematographers, or engaging in the myriad challenging crew roles integral to major motion picture production, our academy serves as a crucible for honing the skills necessary for a thriving career in filmmaking.

Moreover, the scholarship initiative for the girl child aligns seamlessly with our commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity in the film industry. By providing financial support to aspiring female creatives, we not only empower them to realize their artistic ambitions but also actively contribute to narrowing the gender employment gap in Uganda. Proline Film Academy, through initiatives like Women in Animation, not only educates but advocates for a transformative role of cinema in societal development, recognizing the powerful impact that women can have within the creative landscape.

Proline film Academy scholarship launch at Uganda communication commission
Proline Film Academy, in collaboration with the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) and Uganda Film Festival (UFF), proudly announces its annual commitment to supporting five deserving female candidates through a comprehensive one-year Diploma course. This initiative, established to empower the girl child in Uganda, is made possible through the steadfast partnership between Proline Film Academy and UCC | UFF.

The UCC | UFF Partnership with Proline Film Academy Scholarship, initiated in 2018, marks a significant stride towards advancing excellence within the Uganda film industry. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Meddie Kagwa and the esteemed board at Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) | Uganda Film Festival (UFF) for their visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to empowering the youth, with a specific focus on advancing opportunities for the girl child.

In the spirit of the proverb, "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle," this fully sponsored scholarship represents a beacon of hope and opportunity for aspiring female talents in Uganda. We express our gratitude for the instrumental role played by UCC and UFF in facilitating this impactful educational initiative, which strategically targets the girl child as a means to address youth unemployment by harnessing the transformative power of filmmaking.

This highly resourceful educational program is designed to explore a diverse array of new ideas and initiatives implemented in support of the girl child. The scholarship recipients will be empowered with advanced skills essential for contributing to the Ugandan Film and Television industry. Beyond immediate impact, the program seeks to assess the challenges and opportunities that will shape the future of the African continent. Proline Film Academy, through this collaborative scholarship, remains steadfast in its commitment to nurturing a cadre of skilled professionals who will play a pivotal role in the sustainable growth of the film industry in Uganda and beyond.

The P.F.A scholarship program only targets highly qualified Ugandan Youth who may not afford higher education but want to acquire the advanced Photography & Filming knowledge to use it as a tool of finance in order to overcome poverty.
The main requirement for any youth to enroll on Proline Film Academy's Funding scheme, you should have a Laptop and also computer knowledge because all our advanced courses dive straight to the softwares.
Please note that the following photography and filmmaking scholarships and internships are listed according to deadline.



First students to win the Proline film Academy scholarship launch at Uganda communication commission


Placeholder image She won the full scholarship of the
UCC | UFF - 2018-2019, under the 1year indepth Diploma Course in "Advanced 3D Animation & Compositing".


Placeholder image She won the full scholarship of the
UCC | UFF - 2018-2019, under the 1year indepth Diploma Course in "Advanced Still Photography & Compositing".


Placeholder image She won the full scholarship of the
UCC | UFF - 2018-2019, under the 1year indepth Diploma Course in "Advanced Compositing for T.V Broadcast ".


Placeholder image She won the full scholarship of the
UCC | UFF - 2018-2019, under the 1year indepth Diploma Course in "Advanced 3D Animation & Compositing."


Placeholder image She won the full scholarship of the
UCC | UFF - 2018-2019, under the 1year indepth Diploma Course in "Advanced Video Editing & Sound Recording."

Welcoming Scholarship winners 2018.

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Empowering Dreams: Nurturing Talent through Education and Opportunity:

Proline Film Academy (PFA) is committed to identifying and empowering highly qualified Ugandan youth with a passion for filmmaking and photography, but who face financial constraints hindering their pursuit of higher education. This targeted scholarship program serves as a transformative opportunity for deserving individuals to acquire advanced knowledge in Photography and Filming, enabling them to leverage these skills as instruments for financial independence and, ultimately, to alleviate poverty.

To be eligible for enrollment in Proline Film Academy's Funding scheme, prospective applicants must meet stringent criteria. The focus is on individuals possessing both exceptional talent and financial need. A key prerequisite is ownership of a personal laptop and proficiency in computer operations, as all our advanced courses directly engage with industry-standard software applications.

It is important to note that Proline Film Academy places a premium on the holistic development of its scholars. By equipping them with the technical skills required for success in the field, we contribute to the empowerment of individuals who may otherwise face barriers in accessing higher education. The scholarship program is not only an investment in their academic journey but also a strategic initiative to foster economic upliftment and alleviate poverty within our communities.

Please be aware that deadlines for photography and filmmaking scholarships and internships are meticulously organized and listed for your convenience. This approach ensures that aspiring talents can plan and apply to these opportunities in a timely manner.