Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography

Welcome to Proline Film Academy, where innovation meets excellence in filmmaking education. Introducing our groundbreaking Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course—the first of its kind in Uganda. Elevate your skills and perspectives as we delve into the intricacies of aerial cinematography, offering hands-on experience with state-of-the-art drones. Our expert instructors bring a wealth of industry knowledge to guide you through the nuances of capturing breathtaking visuals from the sky. Unleash your creative potential and master the art of drone cinematography with a curriculum designed to meet the demands of the ever-evolving film and photography landscape. Join us at Proline Film Academy and soar to new heights in your filmmaking journey.

Students learning after effects in the vfx compositing class at Proline Film Academy
Students in the vfx compositing class at Proline Film Academy

We Are The Best

Embark on an exhilarating journey with Proline Film Academy's Drone Flight School—a pioneering program meticulously crafted to instill the essential principles of safety, maintenance, and piloting techniques for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). Guided by seasoned certificated flight instructors, our curriculum aligns seamlessly with Uganda Civil Aviation Authority regulations, ensuring you navigate the skies with precision and confidence.
At Proline, we understand the apprehensions surrounding drone flight. Whether you're pondering potential crashes or airspace limitations, our course addresses your concerns. "Learn Something & Do Something" is not just a slogan; it's our ethos. Join us to grasp basic to advanced flight maneuvers, honing your skills in a hands-on environment. Discover the art of safe drone operation—pick a secure area, conduct preflight inspections, and maneuver through obstacle courses. Elevate your capabilities with Proline Film Academy and turn your aerial aspirations into reality.

Why Chose PFA's Drone Course?

Unleash your potential with Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course. Explore the drone's historical journey, evolving from military origins to a dynamic force in today's economy. Addressing the growing demand for skilled operators, our program opens doors to formal employment, freelancing, and entrepreneurship.
Our experienced instructors, drawn from real estate and construction sectors, deliver hands-on training, providing all necessary equipment for a seamless learning experience. As the industry anticipates a 51.1% growth in drone piloting over the next five years, seize this opportunity to craft compelling aerial stories.
Enroll now at Proline Film Academy and ascend to new heights in this thriving profession, where innovation and expertise converge to shape the future of cinematography and photography.

Students in the vfx compositing class learning camera work during the onlocation hands-on practicals at Proline Film Academy

Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course is more than an educational journey; it's a strategic investment in a future where the youth not only navigate the job market but actively shape it. Join us, and together, let's redefine the possibilities that lie ahead.

1. Pioneering Expertise in Aerial Cinematography:
Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course is a pioneering venture, offering unprecedented expertise in the rapidly evolving field of aerial cinematography. Enrolling in this program provides an exclusive opportunity to learn from industry leaders and trailblazers, positioning the youth at the forefront of cinematic innovation.

2. Industry-Relevant Instructors with Real-world Experience:
Our instructors, with backgrounds in sectors like real estate and construction, bring practical, real-world experience to the classroom. This immersive learning environment ensures that the youth not only grasp theoretical concepts but also receive invaluable insights into the day-to-day challenges and opportunities in the industry.

3. "Learn Something & Do Something" Ethos:
At Proline Film Academy, our ethos is embedded in the slogan "Learn Something & Do Something." This course transcends theoretical knowledge, providing hands-on experience that empowers the youth to translate learning into tangible actions. It's not just about acquiring skills; it's about applying them in the real world.

4. Versatile Career Opportunities:
Drones have become integral to diverse industries, opening up a spectrum of career opportunities. By enrolling in this course, the youth gain access to a versatile skill set that is in high demand. From formal employment to freelancing and entrepreneurship, the possibilities are vast, aligning with Proline Film Academy's commitment to enabling career pathways.

5. Comprehensive Hands-on Training:
The program goes beyond traditional teaching methods, offering comprehensive hands-on training. From mastering takeoffs, landings, to executing precision maneuvers, students receive practical experience in a controlled environment. Proline Film Academy provides all necessary equipment, ensuring a seamless and immersive learning experience.

6. Future-Proofing Skills in a Growing Industry:
According to research and markets, drone piloting is anticipated to experience a remarkable 51.1% growth in the next five years. Enrolling in this course positions the youth to future-proof their skills, aligning with the dynamic landscape of the industry and ensuring relevance in a rapidly expanding market.

7. Shaping the Future of Visual Storytelling:
By enrolling in the Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course, the youth actively contribute to shaping the future of visual storytelling. Drones have redefined perspectives, enabling filmmakers to tell astonishing stories. This course empowers the youth to be the architects of this narrative shift, blending creativity with technical prowess.

In essence, Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course is a gateway for the youth of Uganda to not only learn but to actively engage, innovate, and carve out a meaningful and impactful career in the dynamic realm of filmmaking.

Elevating Learning Through Project-Based Assessment:
Proline Film Academy distinguishes itself with a pedagogical approach rooted in over 23 years of practical film production experience at Proline Studios. Our commitment to project-based assessment is a strategic choice, aligning with the philosophy that hands-on learning is paramount in the filmmaking industry.

1. Tangible and Immersive Learning Experience:
Our decision to adopt project-based assessment stems from the belief that it offers a more tangible and immersive learning experience, allowing students to actively apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.

2. Active Application of Knowledge:
Unlike traditional tests, project-based assessments encourage students to actively apply their learning, fostering in-depth explorations of specific topics and equipping them with practical skills beyond textbook knowledge.

3. Projects as Integral Learning Tools:
Projects are viewed as integral to the ongoing learning process, serving as dynamic and interactive means for students to deepen their understanding, whether integrated throughout the course or as culminating capstone assessments.

4. Student-Centered Learning Commitment:
Our adoption of project-based assessment reflects a commitment to student-centered learning principles, emphasizing active problem-solving, critical thinking, and exploration. Students become active participants in the filmmaking process, fostering reflection on both content and creative decision-making.

5. Holistic and Practical Education:
In summary, Proline Film Academy's use of project-based assessment is a strategic commitment to providing students with a holistic and practical education. This approach goes beyond theoretical knowledge, aligning seamlessly with the dynamic and creative nature of the filmmaking industry.

In a rapidly evolving world of filmmaking, the youth of Uganda are presented with a unique opportunity at Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course. As the first of its kind in Uganda, this program transcends traditional boundaries, offering a professional insight into the transformative power of aerial cinematography.

In an era where storytelling is not confined to the ground, drones have become indispensable tools in the cinematic arsenal. Enrolling in this course not only equips aspiring filmmakers with cutting-edge skills but also opens doors to a realm of possibilities. Our experienced instructors, deeply rooted in industries such as real estate and construction, provide invaluable insights and mentorship.

"Learn Something & Do Something" isn't just a slogan at Proline Film Academy—it's a commitment to empowering the youth with practical knowledge that extends beyond the classroom. As the demand for skilled drone operators continues to soar, this course serves as a gateway to formal employment, freelancing, and entrepreneurial ventures.

Moreover, the hands-on training, coupled with the provision of all necessary equipment, ensures a comprehensive and immersive learning experience. By enrolling in this course, the youth of Uganda not only gain proficiency in drone cinematography and Photography but also contribute to the ever-expanding landscape of visual storytelling.

In a country where innovation meets untapped potential, Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course stands as a catalyst for the youth to carve out their niche in the burgeoning world of filmmaking. Seize the opportunity, learn, and embark on a journey where theory transforms into practice, and aspirations turn into achievements.

Preparation for UCAA TRUST Certificate:

Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course is designed for enthusiasts and hobbyists, serving as a gateway to Uganda Civil Aviation Authority Drone Pilot Certification. Participants gain expertise in flying drones responsibly, covering essential regulations and preparing for the UCAA's Recreational Fly Safety Test (TRUST) certificate. Explore crucial topics like aerial vehicle components, sensors, and software, setting the foundation for further Drone Flight School courses. This course is a prerequisite for all aspiring drone pilots, ensuring compliance and competence in recreational drone operations.

  • Certified Excellence:

    Proline Film Academy excels as the premier drone education provider. Our Drone Flight School is unparalleled, teaching safety, maintenance, and piloting fundamentals for Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems. Led by certified flight instructors, the program aligns with Uganda Civil Aviation Authority regulations, ensuring optimal drone operation.
    Overcome drone flight uncertainties with our comprehensive course, guiding participants through basic to advanced maneuvers and safe control practices. Hands-on training covers secure area selection, preflight inspections, and navigating obstacle courses, establishing Proline Film Academy as the undisputed leader in drone education in Uganda.

  • Real Estate Aerial Imaging Mastery:

    Elevate your career in real estate through Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course. Tailored for aspiring drone pilots in the real estate business, our program goes beyond operational skills, honing expertise in capturing high-quality aerial photos and videos. Learn to transform raw imagery into polished, client-ready deliverables, distinguishing yourself as a sought-after professional. Gain a competitive edge with skills in data gathering for diverse properties, positioning yourself as an invaluable asset in the dynamic landscape of real estate marketing. Enroll today and become a proficient drone operator, meeting the demands of property investors with precision and professionalism.

  • Drones in Filmmaking & Photography:

    Unleash the potential of drones in filmmaking and photography with Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course. Designed for aspiring professionals, this program recognizes the evolving opportunities in the industry. Elevate your craft as a drone pilot, mastering the art of capturing breathtaking aerial establishment shots, recording dynamic chase scenes, and compiling high-quality aerial stock footage. Gain the essential skills needed for diverse projects in this ever-expanding field. Seize the real opportunity to propel your career forward by enrolling in our comprehensive course, where innovation meets precision in aerial cinematography and photography.

Graduation ceremony for the advanced compositing for TV class of 2017 at Proline Film Academy
Acompositing for TV broadcast class learning camera settings at Proline Film Academy

Our Benefits

Through filming & Photography, we transform youth to entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs into agents of change as you advance your life and discover your purpose in order to close the unemployment gap within the youth.

  • Visionary Directorial Mastery:

    Proline Film Academy is dedicated to cultivating a new generation of industry professionals through an innovative approach to education. Going beyond the conventional, our academy prepares students for the multifaceted challenges inherent in the dynamic world of filmmaking and photography. Whether aspiring to shape visions as directors, craft compelling narratives as writers, oversee production intricacies as producers, capture moments as photographers, or orchestrate visual storytelling as cinematographers, our comprehensive training ground equips individuals for diverse and challenging roles crucial to the evolving cinematic landscape.

  • Drones in Agriculture:

    In the pivotal realm of agriculture, Proline Film Academy's Drones in Agriculture course emerges as an indispensable resource for aspiring professionals. Acknowledging the sector's criticality to the economy, our program equips drone pilots with the skills to elevate agricultural yield. Going beyond conventional practices, participants learn to fly over extensive crop fields, generating NDVI and 3D maps for precise crop health monitoring and turf management. Our specialized curriculum ensures that drone pilots are adept at their responsibilities in this field, offering a streamlined pathway to contribute significantly to agricultural advancements. Elevate your expertise and impact in agriculture by enrolling in our comprehensive course.

  • Mapping and Survey

    Elevate your career potential with Proline Film Academy's Mapping and Survey course, a cornerstone for becoming an in-demand drone pilot. Beyond basic surveying and drone operating skills, our program is tailored for candidates sought after not only by construction companies but also by mining and aggregates industries. Uncover opportunities in conducting pre-building inspections, stockpile measurements, and progress monitoring, positioning yourself as a versatile professional. Rising talents and experienced drone pilots with diverse industry knowledge are in high demand, making this course an essential stepping stone to a multifaceted and thriving career. The question that remains: Are you ready to soar into new professional heights?

  • Strategic Integration in Drone-Driven Industries:

    Forge a distinguished career as an industry professional within Proline Film Academy's Drone Program. Unlike industries merely exploring drone applications, those fully embracing this technology, such as construction, security, and transportation, boast dedicated drone departments. In this program, you'll seamlessly collaborate with a team of experts to manage drone operations and process collected data. As a valued professional, enjoy a comprehensive compensation package, including a full salary with benefits tailored to the employer's preferences. Propel your career to new heights by enrolling in our Drone Program—a gateway to thriving in dynamic sectors leading the way in drone innovation.

01. About Our Advanced Drone cinematography & Photography Course: Inside the COURSE CONTENTS


Embark on a transformative journey with Proline Film Academy's Drone Photography Mastery course, meticulously designed to elevate your skills and open new horizons in the world of aerial photography. Tailored for enthusiasts and aspiring professionals alike, this course suits a diverse range of individuals seeking to harness the full potential of drone photography.

1. Foundations for Aspiring Drone Photographers:
Tailored for beginners, this course provides comprehensive training in the art of drone photography, laying a solid foundation for those looking to enter the field.

2. Mastering Drone Settings for Excellence:
Perfect for individuals seeking mastery, our program goes beyond the basics, empowering participants to optimize drone settings for capturing the highest quality images with precision and finesse.

3. Elevate Travel Documentation and Social Media Presence:
Unlock the potential to stunningly document your travels and enhance your social media accounts. This course equips you with the skills to turn your drone into a powerful storytelling tool.

4. Professional Career Pathways in Drone Photography:
For those aspiring to turn their passion into a profession, our course provides the essential knowledge and skills needed to launch a successful career in the dynamic field of drone photography.

5. Specialized Focus on Real Estate and Architecture:
Tailored to meet the demands of real estate and architecture enthusiasts, this course is designed for individuals keen on leveraging drone photography to capture the essence of properties and architectural marvels.

color grading a scene in a short film and working with premiere

Self Employed

Elevate your career with Proline Film Academy's Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course, unlocking entrepreneurial opportunities in the dynamic field of drone specialization.
Beyond formal employment, this course empowers you to venture into entrepreneurship, providing insights and tools to establish a profitable drone-based business. Witness firsthand how many drone specialists have transformed their skills into lucrative side hustles, evolving into videographers, photographers, or GIS specialists.
Seize the chance to turn your drone operating proficiency into a versatile and sought-after service, requiring minimal capital for setup. Join us and embark on a journey to self-employment success in the thriving drone industry.

Acompositing for TV broadcast class learning lighting settings at Proline Film Academy

Project-Based Learning

Proline Film Academy champions an empowering educational experience centered on project-based assessment. By elevating learning through practical projects, this course goes beyond traditional methods, fostering active engagement and real-world application. Students emerge not just as recipients of information but as empowered creators, honing critical thinking, problem-solving, and practical filmmaking skills. This strategic approach aligns with our commitment to providing a comprehensive and dynamic education that empowers students to navigate the complexities of the film production industry with confidence and creativity. Enroll today to embrace an educational journey that transcends theory, propelling you towards a future of hands-on success in filmmaking.

Compositing class at Proline Film Academy

Excellence Rooted in Workshop Diversity:

Proline Film Academy, distinguished as a premier media school in East Africa, is dedicated to empowerment.
Our commitment is exemplified through an expansive selection of film workshops, crafted to suit diverse schedules and learning goals.
Whether contending with time constraints or pursuing specific objectives, our workshops offer flexibility and enrichment.
Join us to embark on a journey of world-class education, where empowerment is more than a goal—it's a guiding principle propelling aspiring filmmakers toward excellence in the dynamic fields of media and filmmaking. Enroll today and unlock the potential for a personalized and impactful educational experience.

Compositing class learning advanced filming gears at Proline Film Academy

Navigating Success through Career Education:

At PFA, we recognize that learner engagement and motivation thrive on clarity of purpose. Our career education strategy is designed to refine focus, empowering learners to make informed choices about their professional trajectories. Guided by our professional and time-tested tutors, we bridge the gap between education and career, providing essential insights and practical advice.
Through personalized guidance, we empower you to navigate the dynamic landscape of the film industry with confidence.
Your journey at PFA not only imparts knowledge but also serves as a transformative step toward a rewarding and successful career in filmmaking.

Semester One:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Drone Technology and Regulations
    - Overview of drone technology
    - Types of drones and their applications
    - UAV regulations and compliance
    - Safety protocols and ethical considerations
  • Different types of Drones
  • Safety & Legal with Drones
  • Registering your Drones
  • Basics of Flight & controlling Drones
  • Variety of different camera settings
  • Module 2: Principles of Aerial Imaging
    - Basics of aerial composition
    - Understanding camera settings for drone photography
    - Fundamentals of cinematography using drones
    - Practical exercises in basic aerial imaging techniques
  • Why Drone Photography?
  • Panoramic HDR Drone photography
  • Brightness and contrast adjustments
  • How to compose Drone Photos
  • Change your Viewing in Drone photos
  • Shooting Video with Drone.
  • Panchromatic photography
  • Spectrazonal photography
  • Module 3: Drone Flight Operations
    - Basic flight maneuvers and controls
    - Preflight and post-flight procedures
    - Emergency procedures and troubleshooting
    - Hands-on flight training using simulators and basic drones
  • Module 4: Real-world Applications and Case Studies
    - Case studies on successful drone cinematography and photography projects
    - Guest lectures from industry professionals
    - Field visits to witness drone operations in various industries
  • Post Processing with Drone Panoramas
  • Facebook 360 from a Drone image
  • Color correction & color cast removal
  • Adjusting Hues/saturations/Levels
  • Still image enhancement
  • Sky color changing/replacing skies
  • 360-degree panorama stitching
  • Infra-red photography
  • Thermal infra-red photography
  • Black and white photography
  • Advanced techniques on how to reduce Jello effects & Lens Distortion from your footage in Post-Production.
  • Slow Motion Effects
  • Powerful Color Grading techniques for your aerial footage
  • Integrating 3D tracking, Compositing on your aerial footage.

Semester Two:

  • Module 5: Advanced Flight Maneuvers and Techniques
    - Advanced drone flight techniques
    - Precision flying and control in challenging environments
    - Nighttime drone operations and safety considerations
  • Module 6: Specialized Photography and Cinematography
    - Creative shooting techniques using advanced camera settings
    - Nighttime drone photography and cinematography
    - Capturing dynamic and challenging scenes
  • Module 7: Post-Processing and Editing for Drone Media
    - Introduction to post-processing software
    - Editing and enhancing aerial photos and videos
    - Color grading and correction for aerial media
    - Workshop on creating professional drone media projects
  • Module 8: Industry Trends and Innovations
    - Emerging trends in drone technology
    - Innovations in aerial imaging and cinematography
    - Hands-on experience with the latest drone models and accessories
  • How to shoot like a professional by utilizing the principles of shot composition
  • How to optimize your drone camera settings for taking the best photos.
  • How to professionally edit your drone photos in Lightroom.
  • How to shoot stunning night photography with your drone
  • Understand the different types of multi-rotor drones.
  • Understand the principles of drone flight
  • Understand the use of LiPo batteries and their use.
  • Understand how to bind a radio receiver and transmitter.
  • Understand the basic safety and legal requirements involved in recreational drone flight.
  • Upload the MultiPirateNG firmware to the Crius V2 flight controller.
  • Understand flight terminology.
  • Understand the roles of propellers, motors, flight controller, ESC in drone flight
  • Understand the use of GPS in drone flight.
  • Understand the necessary drone pre-flight checks.
  • Assemble a quadcopter from parts available in the market.
  • Learn how to Use the open source Mission Planner software to configure a drone.
  • Learn how to use the Pixhawk flight controller.
  • Introduction to the POI (Point of Interest) Flyby
  • The Orbit
  • Using filters on your drone.
  • Introduction to selling your drone stock footage

Semester Three:

  • Module 9: Drones in Various Industries
    - Applications of drone technology in real estate, agriculture, filmmaking, and more...
    - Industry-specific regulations and best practices
    - Guest lecturers from professionals in different sectors
  • Module 10: Entrepreneurship in Drone Cinematography
    - Business planning for drone cinematographers
    - Marketing and branding strategies
    - Legal considerations for starting a drone business
    - Creating a business proposal and portfolio
  • Module 11: Capstone Project
    - Individual or group projects applying all learned skills
    - Project planning, execution, and presentation
    - Evaluation and feedback from industry professionals
  • Module 12: Career Development and Certification
    - Resume building and portfolio development
    - Preparation for industry certifications
    - Career guidance and job placement assistance
    - Networking events and connections with industry professionals
  • Drone Apps to empower your Aerial Cinematography & Photography
  • Advanced techniques on earning money with your drone.
  • Advanced Drone camera settings in the DJIGo4 App.
  • Fixing glitchy drone connection.
  • Advanced proven tips & techniques for fabulous drone photography.
  • Advanced post-processing drone photographs with Adobe lightroom
  • Shooting a documentary with Gopros and drones
  • Learn how to fly low and create high impact shots
  • Learn how to shoot sunsets and sunrises
  • How to shoot moving subjects and create dramatic shots
  • Mastering Cinematic drone moves and Post- Production
  • Advanced drone camera settings for cinematic looks
  • Professional ways on shooting landscapes
  • How to shoot Epic buildings with your drone
  • Advanced tracking for moving shots
  • How to shoot breathtaking sunrise shots
  • Advanced Post Production secrets for drone footage
  • Advanced shooting techniques telling a story with your shots
  • Visual mission planning with Google Earth
  • Introduction to the forward Reveal
  • Introduction to the Backward Reveal
  • Calculate the correct altitude settings for a mission


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Adobe Photoshop CC


The Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course at Proline Film Academy equips students with cutting-edge skills to thrive in the dynamic and rapidly evolving field of aerial imaging. Graduates emerge not only as certified drone operators but as versatile professionals ready to make a significant impact across various industries.


1. Drone Cinematographer/Photographer:
Create captivating aerial visuals for film, television, documentaries, and promotional videos. Specialize in dynamic shots, action sequences, and scenic landscapes using advanced drone techniques.

2. Real Estate and Architecture Imaging Specialist:
Capture stunning aerial shots for property listings, architectural projects, and real estate marketing. Provide unique perspectives that enhance property presentations and attract potential buyers.

3. Agricultural Drone Operator:
Use drones for precision agriculture, collecting data on crop health, monitoring fields, and optimizing farming practices. Assist farmers in making informed decisions to improve yield and reduce environmental impact.

4. Entrepreneur in Drone Services:
Establish a drone-based business offering services like aerial surveys, mapping, and event coverage. Cater to diverse industries, including construction, tourism, and environmental monitoring.

5. Film and Media Production Specialist:
Integrate aerial shots seamlessly into film and media productions. Collaborate with production teams to enhance storytelling and bring a unique visual perspective to projects.

6. GIS (Geographic Information System) Specialist:
Apply drone technology to gather geospatial data for mapping, urban planning, and environmental monitoring. Contribute to GIS projects, providing crucial insights through aerial surveys and mapping.

Key Skill Sets:

1: Drone Operation Mastery:
Proficiency in operating a variety of drones for different purposes.
2: Aerial Imaging Techniques:
Advanced skills in capturing high-quality photos and videos from drones.
3: Regulatory Compliance:
Understanding and adherence to local and international drone regulations.
4: Post-Processing and Editing:
Competence in using software to enhance and edit aerial media.
5: Entrepreneurial Skills:
Business planning, marketing, and client management for those pursuing entrepreneurship.


Successful completion of the course prepares individuals for relevant certifications, enhancing credibility in the field.
Industry Connections:
Networking opportunities with professionals, industry leaders, and potential employers during the course.
Job Placement Assistance:
Proline Film Academy offers job placement assistance, connecting graduates with opportunities in the industry.

Graduates of the Advanced Drone Cinematography & Photography course at Proline Film Academy are poised for success in a range of dynamic and fulfilling careers, leveraging their skills to push the boundaries of aerial imaging across various sectors. The comprehensive training and hands-on experience gained during the program make them sought-after professionals in the thriving world of drone technology and cinematography.